HACC Solder Tab Static Tester Series

HACC Solder Tab Static Tester Series

1. Introduction and Features

This series of models is a machine developed based on the manual testing principle of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It has the functions of testing LC, flash explosion, and withstand voltage at the same station, and can monitor the changes of the product's two-pole voltage in the graph of the two-pole voltage change. , So as to determine the quality of the product; the equipment adopts a fully automatic boost mode, and the preset permissions require authorized password operations to avoid the hidden dangers of misoperation; the equipment is designed with air source and mechanized operation to make the equipment run more stable and concise Chinese The operation interface and powerful industrial control operation control system make data collection and analysis easier and improve production efficiency.

二. Model advantages

1. The whole machine is controlled by industrial computer and motion control card;

2. Pass the static test of the fluctuation value between the two poles, define the flash product that exceeds the set fluctuation range value, and display the fluctuation range through the waveform diagram;

2. For products with the same foot, the switching of different heights and different sizes does not need to mobilize the mechanical part, only the height parameter setting is performed on the computer;

3. The whole machine rack is designed to run in parallel (to reduce the power inertia), and the rack change zone adopts the up-and-down translation mode (replaces the instability of the cylinder) without rotating the aging fixture, which can effectively avoid shaking and falling products;

4. At the stationary racking station, perform a ▽V (voltage change) static test on the product. During the test, it can monitor the product boost change and self-discharge test in real time, effectively eliminating defects;

5. LC, flash burst, and withstand voltage tests adopt static test methods, which completely simulate manual work test mode, which greatly improves the test accuracy (60 channels are tested simultaneously);

三, process flow

1. The product is fed by the tank chain, the feeding system is determined by the polarity of the CCD, and the stepper motor is reversed and brought into the rack;

2. The product is sent to the static test rack for voltage fluctuation detection, self-discharge voltage and LC static test;

3. Carry out convex bottom, capacity and loss angle tests after the product is discharged;

4. Carry out "ESR" test after the product is discharged;

5. The test results are: poor convex bottom, withstand voltage, leakage, flash explosion, high capacity, low capacity, loss, poor ESR, reselection, good 1, good 2, good 3;

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