HAC 180D 220D

HAC 180D 220D

一. Introduction and Features

This series of models is a machine developed based on the LC and flash manual testing principles of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It has an automatic static boost test and sorting function; the equipment adopts a fully automatic preset boost mode, and the preset permissions need to be authorized Password operation avoids the hidden danger of misoperation; the equipment is designed with gas source and mechanized operation to make the equipment run more stable. The simple Chinese operation interface and powerful industrial control operation control system make data collection and analysis easier and improve production. efficient.

1. Pass the static test of the fluctuation value between the two poles, define the flash explosion product that exceeds the fluctuation range value, and display the fluctuation range through the waveform diagram;

2. The withstand voltage uses a fixed time to test the V value of self-discharge;

3. Real-time 6-channel dynamic fluctuation test or high current impact test (optional);

4. Leakage test is a mode realized by switching between static charging and test power supply (30 channels simultaneous test);

5. All test functions of the whole machine adopt the principle of simulating manual test to realize automatic functions.

二, the process flow

1. The product guide pin is reshaped and tested for polarity, and tests for bad lead, reverse polarity, open circuit, and short circuit; exclude reverse polarity, bent feet, open, and short circuit products;

2. The product is sent to the static test rack for exchange for fluctuation and self-discharge static test;

3. The product is out of the static test rack, and the 6-way flash explosion is tested, and the flash explosion and poor pressure resistance are eliminated;

4. The product is sent to another static test rack to be exchanged for a replacement row, and the leakage static test is performed;

5. After the product is discharged, carry out the convex bottom, capacity and loss angle tests;

6. Carry out "ESR" test after the product is discharged;

7. The test results are: poor convex bottom, poor ESR, convex bottom, high capacity, low capacity, high loss, large leakage, good product, reselection;

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