※Equipment name: Fully automatic cylindrical lithium battery winding machine 

※Equipment model: DC1860AR-F

※A brief description of the equipment manufacturing process: Cylindrical lithium battery cell winding machine, used for the production of cylindrical lithium ion battery cells, is one of the main equipment for battery production. The working process is: the positive and negative pole pieces and the diaphragm made by the film making mechanism are installed in the discharge mechanism, and then go through the operations of tension control, dust removal, process correction, quality monitoring, etc., and pass the guide wheel to feed the pole pieces. Under the pull of the mechanism, it is sent to the winding part for winding. After the winding production is completed, the battery core is removed from the winding needle by the manipulator for perforation. After the perforation is completed, the manipulator removes it and puts it on the conveyor belt and sends it to the collection platform. If unqualified products are detected during the production process, the unqualified product collection box will be automatically inserted during the conveying process. This machine has high degree of automation, high production efficiency and good consistency.

※Brief description of equipment function:

1. This machine is mainly used for the winding process of lithium ion battery cells;

2. The diaphragm and pole piece discharge of this machine adopts tension control, servo discharge and step correction (discharge correction);

3. The tension is controlled by servo torque, and the tension is set in the man-machine;

4. The positive and negative plates are equipped with three correction functions, respectively, unwinding correction, process correction and pre-roll correction;

5. This machine has the functions of first rolling the diaphragm and first rolling the negative electrode sheet. One of the functions can be used alone, or both functions can be used at the same time;

6. This machine adopts the control mode of high-end computer industrial control system to realize the automation of pole piece and diaphragm discharge, feeding, winding, gluing, and reclaiming. Save a lot of manpower and greatly reduce the man-made damage rate of the battery cell in the production process;

7. This machine has the functions of disc manipulator reclaiming, three-station automatic core package unloading, core package short-circuit detection, core package reaming and hot hole functions;

8. The diaphragm has the function of removing static electricity;

9. All electrical failures during the operation of this machine have an alarm prompt function;

10. The machine adopts a mechanical cam structure to cut the diaphragm and draw out the needle, which enhances the stability of the machine;

11. This machine adopts mechanical groove wheel method to cut the pole piece, so as to avoid the burr at the scissors;

12. This machine has a negative electrode outsourcing function and a diaphragm outsourcing function;

13. The number of positive ears is 1 or 2, and the number of negative ears is 1 or 3, both can be produced and set by man-machine;

14. The glue application of this machine adopts the glue method at both ends of the product, with a double tape structure. Save more materials

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